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For several years, it had been suggested by my family and colleagues that I open my own company. Several years before becoming an educator, I worked in mortgage banking at one of the largest mortgage brokers in the Northeast as an Account Executive and consultant, tasked with not only educating realtors and their clients on the home buying and credit wellness process, but also in foreclosure prevention. I started out as a copy person and worked my way up in the company as processor through to an Account Executive, learning every aspect of the business. I worked at several companies over the years doing conventional, FHA and unconventional loans. I worked with people who had A through Z credit, advising them throughout the entire home and commercial real estate buying process.

In 2001, I started as a private consultant, assisting those with non-profits and in churches creating and finding funding for their programs. As a registered company in the United States and Canada, we have been able to help many entrepreneurs (most of whom are small business owners), register their for profit and non-profit companies in the various states/provinces where they belong, help them with the creation of their business plans and organizational structure, as well as, finding funding at the private, local, state and federal levels.

My Three Blessings Corporation's goal is to assist those who have the dream of being a business owner, start on the right footing in order to become successful in their endeavors.

Terrain M. Chambers Reeves


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